Our activities include the following areas:

Freight Wagons:

  • Standards for repair according to AVV and VPI (certified workshop)
  • According to EU Regulation 445/2011 (ECM)
  • According to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Brake revisions Br 0 to Br 2
  • General G4.2
  • G1.0 Demand repairs
  • G2.0 Damper periods for self-unloading wagons
  • Cart maintenance for liquid metal transport and liquid slag transport (wheelbase maintenance)


  • Vehicle maintenance of the DR V60 and DR V100 series
  • Vehicle Main inspection of the DR V 60 and DR V100 series
  • Maintenance work on battery-powered towing vehicles, shunting robot, Teletrak and small shunting locomotives